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GTA V is one of the best open-world games. It was launched on 17 September 2013 and still has millions of players log in daily to play this amazing game. Rockstar Games might be working on the next sequel i.e GTA 6 and we might be able to play it by 2021. But as we all know Grand Theft Auto series was available to play on mobile phones as well. We used to play GTA San Andreas on Mobile, Also the GTA Vice City on Mobile. But from GTA IV, Rockstar Games dropped the Mobile development and focused on the PC and Console development. But as fans of mobile gaming, a lot of mobile gamers were disappointed. But the problem is fixed, A Indie game developer named Ashiq aka AXIS Motion Studio has created a fan-made version of the GTA 5. Currently, it only has some parts playable, but in the future, we might be able to see more missions to play on our android phone. GTA 5 mobile download

Download PUBG Mobile Apk India Easily For Free In 2021

According to the recent developments, PUBG Mobile has added more members to its team in India, so the company isn’t giving up. Download Pubg Mobile Apk  when release will happen, expected to be rolled out in a few weeks in the country.

How to Download Pubg Mobile Apk? PUBG Mobile Update, Beta APK, PUBG Mobile India Release Date. PUBG Mobile Director James Yang in a video message unveiled a detailed roadmap about what PUBG Mobile Esports wants to do in 2021.


Also, PUBG Mobile India is now registered with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs with a paid-up investment of Rs 5 lakh.


The South Korean company is also said to make an investment of up to $100 million (around 740 crores) in India. PUBG Mobile India headquarter has been set up at Bengaluru as an Indian subsidiary of PUBG Corporation. The Indian entity will directly control the operations of PUBG Mobile India game.

PUBG Mobile Apk
PUBG Mobile Apk

Download Pubg Mobile Apk India: PUBG Mobile Update?


PUBG Corporation have repeatedly emphasized on a secure gameplay environment inside of the game given how many have complained about the adverse health and mental effects on active gamers. Also, the company has confirmed that the data of all Indian players will be securely stored without any illicit transfer.


PUBG Corp will conduct ‘regular audits and verifications on the storage systems holding data of Indian users’ to reinforce security and ensure that the privacy of users are safely managed.


Coming to Download Pubg Mobile Apk, the Indian version of the game has been heavily customized for Indian gamers. The PUBG Mobile India download links available take you to the Korean version, while many users use VPN to play PUBG. The ban on PUBG by the Indian government is still in effect, so using such sources are illegal. cannot play PUBG in India today.


Download Pubg Mobile Apk India Release Date: PUBG Mobile India Launch?


With growing speculations over the PUBG Mobile India launch, the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) said the Central government is yet to grant permission to relaunch and Download Pubg Mobile Apk. RTI applications have been filed with MeitY to know about the status of PUBG Mobile India launch.


The Ministry said it will first check the app, analyse the policies and then allow PUBG India release.


So, PUBG Mobile India has to be in line with all the government’s rules and regulations to be able to re-launch itself in the country.


The company hasn’t yet confirmed the PUBG Mobile India release date, but it is expected in a few weeks, probably by early February. According to other reports, PUBG India launch of the new version may happen in March.


Download Pubg Mobile Apk India Prize Money, PUBG Mobile Update


PUBG Mobile India is offering cash prizes worth Rs 6 crore. PUBG Mobile India will offer upto 6 crore prize pool with a minimum salary ranging from Rs 40,000 to Rs 2 Lakh for tier 1 teams as per the early reports. There will be cash prizes for special categories as well like maximum foot travel distance, maximum number of head shots and such.


PUBG Mobile have already cut ties with the Chinese internet giant, Tencent, which previously published the game in India. Microsoft has signed a deal to move the PUBG Mobile data to Azure.


PUBG Corporation will ensure regular audits and verifications on the storage systems which holds the Indian users’ personal data.


Until the ban in India, Pubg Mobile Apk enjoyed over 50 million monthly active users in the country, making it PUBG’s largest market in the world. It was obvious for PUBG Corporation to come back to its largest market, which also hints at possible return of other Chinese apps to the country including the very popular TikTok.