Best And Easy Steps To Fix Airtel Mobile Data Not Working Issue In 2021

Easy Steps To Fix Airtel Mobile Data Not Working Issue In 2021.


Airtel is one of the most popular internet data providers in India. As you know cell phone data is essential for every cell phone to operate properly. Imagine a mobile phone with “Airtel Mobile Data Not Working”, none of the search engines or social media would work on your mobile phone. While working mobile data can increase in a specific period of time but there are downtimes too. And everyone can agree that when it strikes, everything can go extremely disturbing.


Still, the great news is there are some fast and easy tricks to fix these kinds of problems. The best part is, solving these types of errors are not too complicated. So, here are a few easy fixes to your “Airtel Mobile Data Not Working” issue.

Airtel Mobile Data Not Working
Airtel Mobile Data Not Working

How To Tell If Airtel Mobile Data Not Working?


Cell phone data and network errors are not limited to not having an internet connection while using a cellular data network. A big topic to ask is rather “Why Is Mobile Data Not Working?”


Network error can occur from time to time, but let’s agree that it’s just irritating! Still, on the brilliant side, if you’re “Airtel Mobile Data Not Working”, it’s quite simple to tell.


It can occur in the case wherein your Mobile status displays you are connected to the airtel internet but everything just doesn’t appear to work. Or it can just be the case where you encounter very slow download and upload speed. To confirm if your cell phone data is running, try an internet speed test. Simply pick the “Check my internet connection” option on the task manager to ensure your guesses are true.


Check If You Are Exhausted Your Airtel Mobile Data Limit.


Most of the SIM offer cell phone data services and plans with limited data and Airtel is also doing the same. And let’s be fair, several of us would have got given to roam without tracking the Internet usage. Hence, if you’re “Airtel Mobile Data Not Working” on your mobile, then this is one possible cause for it. The only situation in which you do not have to consider this is if you have an unlimited internet data plan.


Try To Restart Your Cell Phone.


Everybody nearby the internet has been joking about restarting any mobile or gadgets in the hope of solving it. As commonplace as it can be, they truly work in many situations. This solution might seem to be suspiciously easy, but sometimes, easy is all you require to get it to work.


Check If Airplane Mode On in Your Mobile.


Several times, setting errors in the situation where your cell phone data is not working. It sounds stupid, it is common for a person to forget certain elements. After a long journey on a flight with “Airplane mode” turned on, you might have just not remembered to turn it off. Another event is that you could have turned it on by an accident and you never noticed that it is on. When you see Airplane mode on then simply turn it off by proceeding to your cell phone settings to avoid the “Airtel Mobile Data Not Working” error.


Try To Reinsert Your Mobile SIM Card.


Another step to solving this error is by reinserting your SIM card quickly. Sometimes, rebooting or resetting the phone and SIM card is quite enough to solve many cell phone Internet issues. Please note: you have to turn off your phone first to pull off the SIM and reinsert it.


Try To Reset Your APN Settings.


Your mobile SIM communicates to your mobile phone using Access Point Names or APNs. These settings include many important settings such as your mobile IP address and the gateway settings needed to connect you to the mobile internet. As crucial as they are, they’re still bound to cause few errors at one point or another point. When that happens, you can reset your Access Point Names and see if it solves your mobile Internet issues.


The Last Option Is Factory Reset Of Your Mobile.


If all of the solutions in this list do not work and if you do not find the error, your last option is to go for a factory data reset of your mobile phone to solve the “Airtel Mobile Data Not Working” error. A factory data reset is the last solution for an Internet problem you could not find no matter how hard you try to look for it.


Note: Before you apply a factory data reset, make sure to take backup of all your important documents or files because the reset will erase all data from your mobile phone. Once you have taken a backup then go to your settings. Then, choose the option “Backup and Reset” and then click on the “Factory Data Reset” option. Confirm the factory data reset and wait till your mobile completes it. Once everything has been reset, set up your cell phone connection again, and check if your cell phone internet connection is back.


If you are still in trouble and stuck at the same error then you should dial your Airtel customer care number for more help or Report the Issue from the airtel website.